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We strive to enable the pupils of Family Placement Assistance Centers and social shelters to acquire relevant skills at a decent level, so that every child has an opportunity to self-discovery as a person and achieve success.

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The «We and Children» Charity foundation was founded in 2007 by people who are not indifferent to the fate of the orphans.

To contemplate how your action caused a child’s smile is the greatest goodness!

In 2013, I first met the children from the Vladivostok’s orphanage # 4 (then it was the name of the Center for Assistance to Family Placement), as part of a charity interactive event, and from the first seconds there was a feeling of the enormous value of what was happening not only for children, but also for me. Our interaction was a little bit nervous and at the same time full of warmth and love and mutual interest. The children were glad to meet us. Their eyes and smiles, which I happened to observe at that meeting, firmly motivated me to act in this direction, to look for resources and to organize events. So that there would be more reasons for positive emotions, more processes to fill with kind and creative moods. The children from the Assistance centers need this. And in addition to the participation of the employees of the institutions the beneficial participation of society can play a significant role! This is important and necessary not only for children, but also for the society as a whole. This is a mutual process of developing social responsibility and general well-being. Each of us becomes happier by helping, because it is a great blessing to see and feel how you managed to do good to the children in need. First of all, it is seen as good and at the same time as an attempt to appreciate what we have and what others are deprived of. Also, it is an opportunity to transform the world around because "there are no somebody else's children."

Christina (representative of the foundation)
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CF "We and Children":

As part of the project, video portraits of orphans, who have been assigned the status of "custody and adoption", along with the interviews and stories about the specialists working in the field of education, protection of mothers and children, employees of the guardianship authorities, experts in the field of child psychology and family organization are broadcasted and posted on the Internet.

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Let's make our world a better place together!

We have already filmed a lot of videos about the orphan children, but even more are to be filmed. Each donation gives another orphan child a chance to find a family.

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